Wireless Communications Laboratory



The Wireless Communications Lab is an experimental space hosting several CTTC testbeds and experimental platforms (e.g., GEDOMIS®, SHAPER, IoTWORLD®, PARADIGMS). The laboratory includes wireless T&M solutions and prototyping modules to deploy and validate wireless communication algorithms and protocols in sub-7 GHz and mmwave bands. The lab also features emulated gNB/eNB and EPC/5G core solutions able to reproduce end-to-end wireless networking use cases, together with powerful workstations, servers, and hardware-accelerated processing platforms, able to host heterogeneous AI/ML-driven computing solutions across the edge-to-cloud continuum.

The Adaptive Processing Technologies Research Unit leads the development on prototyping, troubleshooting and validation of 5G-B5G RAN architectures, wireless communication systems, digital and RF transceiver systems, and innovative algorithms. It can particularly target several applications focusing on adaptive edge computing, reconfigurable RAN, multi-edge processing, FPGA-based adaptive computing, HW-SW co-design, RAN functional splits, radio modems, SDR, cognitive radio, spectral coexistence and interference mitigation, MIMO space-time coding, digital linearization, etc.

The Sustainable Artificial Intelligence Research Unit hosts part of their Edge Computing Engine having Nvidia Jetson Nanos, one RSU and one OBU for vehicular communications. The On-Device Computing Engine relies on the IoTWorld® testbed having numerous Raspberry Pi nodes with different type of sensors, LTE sniffers and stereo depth cameras. This allows deploying experimental solutions for misbehavior and hazard detection in vehicular communication systems, E2E condition monitoring and visualization, or AI for cyber defense in IoT.

The PARADIGMS platform, is being developed by the Services as Networks Research Unit aiming at evaluating a variety of vertical services over a shared 5G infrastructure. It features multiple cloud and edge servers, a 5G mobile network, and the software for managing the infrastructure and virtual services deployed on top of it (e.g., management and orchestration stack, AI support, monitoring platform). Additionally, multiple vertical-oriented devices are also hosted in this lab (e.g., hololens, autonomous cars, high-resolution displays).

Contact: labs.wireless@cttc.cat