Satellite Network of Experts V

Flagship European Space Agency project on fundamental research for satellite communications.

The objective of the present SatNEx V activity is to study medium/long term directions of Space and Satellite Telecommunication Systems for any of the Commercial or Institutional applications that can be considered appealing to key players in the space technologies domain but that are still not mature enough for attracting industry or initiating dedicated ESA R&D activities.

CTTC takes care of the technical and contractual management of this project which consists of the participation of the most relevant research groups in satellite communications located at ESA state members. The project relies mainly on the execution of annual short-term high-impact research activities.  

We have been leading this activity from SATNEX IV (2015-2020). This project is the largest ESA-funded activity on fundamental research of satellite communications. Being the coordinator of this project during the mentioned period has created within CTTC a deep understanding of many fields of research activities in satellite communications, ranging from networking and considering propagation and system level analysis.