Release of ns-3 5G-LENA v3.0: Unleashing Advanced Capabilities


CTTC is pleased to announce that 5G-LENA v3.0 is now available for download. 5G-LENA is a GPLv2 New Radio (NR) network simulator, designed as a pluggable module to the ns-3 simulator. Its development is open to the community in order to foster early adoption, contributions by industrial and academic partners, collaborative development and reproducibility of results. 5G-LENA v3.0 is compatible with the latest ns-3.41 release of ns-3-dev. One of the most important features of 5G-LENA v3.0 include a new full MIMO model, that supports Precoding Matrix Indicator (PMI), Rank Indicator (RI) and Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) reporting in the CSI feedback, compliant with 3GPP specifications, and includes 3GPP codebook-based Type I model for precoding and the use of Minimum Mean-Squared Error Interference Rejection Combining (MMSE-IRC) receiver. Simulation examples are included in the release. Also, the release includes important bug fixes and update to the latest ns-3-dev release.

See 5G-LENA for more details and download/upgrade instructions to start playing with it!