HEXA-X-II - A holistic flagship towards the 6G network platform and system

Start: 01/01/2023
End: 30/06/2025
Funding: European
Status: On going
Research unit:
Packet Optical Networks and Services (PONS)
Acronym: HEXA-X-II
Code: 101095759

The Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) 6G Flagship project Hexa-X-II leads the way to the end-to-end (E2E) system design (based on integrated and interacting technology enablers) and the enabling platform delivering novel services for the next generation (6G) of wireless networks.

The project will continue on the tracks of the Horizon Europe project Hexa-X, which has laid the foundation for the global communication network of the 2030s by developing the 6G vision and basic concepts, including candidate key technology enablers.

The work in Hexa-X-II expands from research to systemization analysis, early validation, and proof of concept. It progresses from the 6G key enablers that connect the human, physical, and digital worlds to advanced technology readiness – validated technology – including key aspects of modules, protocols and interfaces, and data. Hexa-X-II will design a system blueprint aiming at the sustainable, inclusive, and trustworthy 6G platform that should meet the future needs of serving and transforming society and business, as is illustrated in Figure 1.

Hexa-X-II will also address implementation aspects of the 6G platform and encompass a full scope consisting of:

  • Defining use cases, services, and requirements, ensuring the value for society
  • Designing the platform and system, ensuring global impact on 6G development
  • Assuring technology readiness in critical areas, ensuring EU strategic autonomy.
Raül Muñoz
PI/Project Leader
Ricard Vilalta
Lluis Gifre
Ramon Casellas
Ricardo Martínez
Pol Alemany
Nokia Solutions and Networks
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