Optical Networking and Systems Laboratory



The Optical Networking and Systems laboratory houses all the racks of the ADRENALINE testbed®, including the packet/optical transport networks, amplified optical links, control and orchestration platforms, core Data Centers (DC) and intra-Data Center Network (DCN), and several racks of different Point of Delivery (POD).

Packet/Optical Transport Network and Edge/Cloud DC of ADRENALINE testbed®

This infrastructure is composed by different high-performance servers, OpenFlow/Ethernet switches, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) controllers, Cloud controllers, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) orchestrators, four optical white-boxes (Reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexers, ROADMs) with five bidirectional optical links (with lengths ranging from 35 to 150Km) for the photonic mesh network, and further equipment.  All these elements are necessary to deploy the heterogeneous networks and technologies that are combined in order to cover heterogeneous aspects, such as, network control and management and service orchestration, showcasing main innovations:  hierarchical, modular and cloud-native SDN controllers and telemetry platforms, as well as orchestration systems and emulation/simulation frameworks and platforms.

IT Platform (PODS, and Control and Management servers)

This is the main room among all the laboratories of Packet Optical Networks and Services Research Unit currently in operation, having underground-technical optical links with the Optical Transmission and Subsystems Lab, and also with the Optical Network Control and Service Management Lab. 

Patch-panel of SM links towards the Optical Transmission and Subsystems Lab
Patch-panels of SM and MMF links towards the Optical Network Control and Service Management Lab.

Moreover, The Optical Networking and Systems Lab has an optical connection to the 5GBARCELONA optical ring, and other point-to-point connections with other CTTC testbeds (e.g., Mobile testbed, Vehicular testbed).

Contact: labs.optical@cttc.cat