Technology transfer related to Geomatics: creation of the GeoKinesia spin-off

In 2020, our Geomatics Research Unit realized a technology transfer project, which included the creation of a spin-off company of CTTC: GeoKinesia.

The technology transfer project was carried out in the frame of The Collider programme, an innovation programme of Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation that fosters technology transfer between science, the market and society (more information can be found at

The project involved the contribution of two main groups of our Geomatics Research Unit: the Remote Sensing group and the Geodesy and Navigation group.     

GeoKinesia | Success projects | CTTC
Detail of the project of the Active Reflector

The technology transfer to GeoKinesia includes three main components:

  • The first one is the PSIG software, which includes a set of software tools useful to provide deformation monitoring services using satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data.
  • The second component concerns the Active Reflectors, which are devices that allow us to make deformation monitoring in areas where the SAR signal cannot be exploited.
  • The third component regards an INS/GNSS based tiltable surveying pole (the iPOLE), which is patented by CTTC.
GeoKinesia | Success projects | CTTC
Example of deformation map. The light blue points indicate an uplift area.

The GeoKinesia activities are devoted to the commercial exploitation of the three transferred components. In the first two years, the main activity has been the exploitation of the PSIG chain.

More information regarding the company can be found at

In the meantime, we are continuing our research and development activities to improve the existing tools and to generate new techniques.