The CTTC, at the EuCNC 2016

27/06/2016 - 30/06/2016


The CTTC takes part as exhibitor in the 25th Edition of the European Conference on Networks and Communications, which will take place in Athens, Greece, from 27 to 30 June 2016.

Come to visit us at exhibition stand 29: Flex5Gware

From the antenna to the virtual RAN: proof-of-concept in Flex5Gware

The overall objective of Flex5Gware is to deliver highly reconfigurable HW platforms together with HW-agnostic SW platforms targeting both network elements and devices taking into account increased capacity, reduced energy footprint, as well as scalability and modularity. In particular, Flex5Gware is focusing on providing a proof-of-concept (PoC) of the key building blocks that 5G HW/SW platforms will be composed of. Accordingly, Flex5Gware PoCs cover the whole value chain of 5G platforms: starting from the antenna, RF module and mixed signal stages and going up to digital HW and SW aspects.

In Flex5Gware, 11 different PoCs will be all showcased in a final demo event by June 2017. However, preliminary prototypes and results of these 11 PoCs are already available. Thus, the main goal of this exhibition is to demonstrate the progress achieved in a selected set of 5 PoCs. In particular, the following will be shown: improvements in terms of reduced cost and footprint for the analogue hardware, mixed signal architectures for improved transmission rates and spectral efficiency, and, finally, increased flexibility and reduced energy techniques based on context awareness.


Demo: The exhibition area will be divided in five different areas, each one covering one of the following PoCs:

  1. Compact low-profile antenna for mmWave (HW prototype + poster)
  2. on-chip frequency generator for 28 GHz 5G mobile beamforming systems (HW prototype + poster)
  3. full-duplex transceiver (demonstrator)
  4. Reconfigurable and programmable radio platform based on information from sensors (demonstrator)
  5. Flexible resource allocation in a virtual RAN environment (video + poster)

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