Seminar: Toward Multi-Party, Multi-Network AI for 6G Networks

29/02/2024 -


On 29th February 2024 at 10:00h the CTTC will host the seminar “Toward Multi-Party, Multi-Network AI for 6G Networks”. In this seminar Prof. Dan Kilper will present:


The notion of AI native networks is emerging in which the network is intrinsically designed to be both optimized by AI and deliver AI applications. Future 6G networks are expected to be a major milestone towards the practical realization of such networks.  However, there still exist many research challenges associated with the AI native vision. Many of the critical problems lie at the interfaces within the network of networks that make up the Internet. Network domain boundaries separate networks into proprietary and autonomously operated regions. Different system technologies such as optical and wireless networks are typically operated independently following different standards. Introducing third party applications or controls, open networks further complicate the use of AI across these diverse platforms. This talk will describe our recent work on using AI for the control of optical networks and examine the larger challenge of realizing end-to-end AI native functionality across optical and wireless networks for 6G.


Dr. Dan Kilper is Professor of Future Communication Networks and SFI CONNECT Centre Director at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the Columbia University Data Science Institute and the College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona. He received MS (1992) and PhD (1996) degrees in Physics from the University of Michigan. From 2000-2013, he was a member of technical staff at Bell Labs, and he co-founded Palo Verde Networks, a startup developing optical technologies for AI controlled software-defined optical networks. He holds thirteen patents and authored six book chapters and more than one hundred sixty peer-reviewed publications. His research is aimed at solving fundamental and real-world problems in communication networks, addressing interdisciplinary challenges for smart cities, sustainability, and digital equity.

This talk is open to whoever interested from the research community

Venue: Auditorium, Building B4, Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 7, PMT, 08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona) - 10:00h-