EDGEFIRE2 - Future edge vIrtual seRvicEs 2

Start: 01/05/2017
End: 31/03/2018

Status: Completed
Research unit:
Optical Networks & Systems (ONS)
Acronym: EDGEFIRE2

This collaboration is to foster research and innovation in the following topics:

  • IoT-aware SDN/NFV architecture for network traffic congestion avoidance through dynamic distribution of IoT analytics. It is envisioned that the Internet of Things (IoT) will connect billions of heterogeneous devices (ranging from complex interactive systems to tiny sensors) to the transport network using widely deployed wireless access technologies (e.g., Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, LoRa), mobile technologies (e.g. GPRS/2G or eMTC and NB-IoT that will pave the way to the integration with 5G) or fixed access technologies (e.g., PLC, ADSL, optical Access, Ethernet). The IoT will facilitate a wide variety of use cases from different vertical industries, such as automotive and mobility, healthcare, energy, media and entertainment, factories of the future, or energy.  IoT requires core datacenters (DCs) – i.e., computing and storage infrastructures – in order to perform IoT analytics from the data collected of sensors and actuators. The proposed solution deploys IoT Flow Monitors (IoT-FM) at the edge of the different network segments (edge, metro and core). The IoT-FMs are responsible of monitoring the packet flows tagged as IoT and triggering an alarm to the SDN orchestrator when a given threshold is exceed. The flows are tagged as IoT at the time of provisioning.
  • SDN control of optical Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM) networks. SDM transmission and reception elements, as well as MCF links will be modelled and SDN agents will be jointly designed in order to support SDN control of the SDM network from KDDI Research. KDDI Research will provide access to a subset of the SDM equipment available in KDDI research lab for the joint experimentation, and will develop the designed SDN agents for the selected SDM equipment that will be available at KDDI research premises. CTTC will develop an SDN control plane that will be at CTTC Lab. The SDN control plane and the SDN agent would be connected with tunnels through internet. The specific joint experimental scenario will be defined during the course of the project based on the available SDM equipment and the target functionalities for testing.
Ricard Vilalta
PI/Project Leader
Ricardo Martínez
Raül Muñoz
Ramon Casellas
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