FLEXIBLE - Experimental platform for high-capacity flexible and secure 6G communications

Start: 01/04/2023
End: 30/11/2024
Funding: National
Status: On going
Research unit:
Packet Optical Networks and Services (PONS)
Code: TSI-064100-2022-14

The main objective of the FLEXIBLE project is to develop an innovative experimental platform, comprising high-performant equipment with advanced capabilities, to enable high-capacity, flexible and secure 6G communications. In particular, the platform will consist of a set of different equipment and complements that include: (i) an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) of up to 65 GHz bandwidth; (ii) an oscilloscope (OSC) of up to 50 GHz bandwidth; (iii) a quantum key distribution (QKD) system that enables to generate and distribute cryptographic keys for a provably secure communication; (iv) an optical table to provide thermal stability and passive vertical vibration-isolating through closed pneumatic isolation system to minimize the vibrations; and (v) a complementary rack for instrumentation and optical fiber links. The platform will enable the implementation and testing of innovative 6G technology, such as multi-band (MB) transmission and space division multiplexing (SDM) approach, by the generation and acquisition of different high-capacity channels towards multi-Tb/s transmission. Furthermore, FLEXIBLE will foster the study and implementation of QKD-based quantum technology and communications, enabling secure 6G optical networks.

The integration of the FLEXIBLE experimental platform within the ADRENALINE testbed at CTTC, which is part of the research unit “Packet optical networks and services (PONS)”, will support a disruptive transformation and significant scientific and technological advances towards supporting the full potential of the future 6G technology. Moreover, the project development will promote a Spanish innovation’s ecosystem around 5G+ and 6G.

Laia Nadal
PI/Project Leader
Francisco Javier Vilchez
Michela Svaluto Moreolo
Josep M. Fàbrega
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
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