FUTURETX - Efficient transmitter architectures and linearization strategies for future transmitters

Start: 11/07/2017
End: 11/08/2017

Status: Completed
Research unit:
Physical-layer Implementation of High Perfomance Communication Systems (PHYCOM)

This project deals with modern efficient transmitter architectures based on digitally assisted PA subsystem architectures such as Doherty, envelope tracking (ET), outphasing and all-digital. The goal is to study the main operation concepts and highlight the current technology performance levels and limitations both in terms of linearity and efficiency when handling ultra-wide bandwidth signals featuring high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). The state-of-the-art review will also include industrial developments for each of the technologies and analyze the advantages, disadvantages and suitability according to the target application scenario defined in the project.

David López
PI/Project Leader
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