5G-TRANSFORMER - 5G Mobile Transport Platform for Verticals

Start: 01/06/2017
End: 30/11/2019
Funding: European
Status: Completed
Research unit:
Mobile Networks (MONET)
Call ID: H2020-ICT07-2017
Code: 761536


From rigid interconnection to SDN/NFV-based 5G Mobile Transport and Computing Platform (MTP)
Support for vertical industries, focusing on automotive, eHealth, media&entertainment, and M(V)NO

Technical Approach

  • Enable Vertical Industries to meet their service requirements within customised MTP slices; and
  • Aggregate and Federate transport networking and computing fabric, from the edge up to the core and cloud, to create and manage MTP slices throughout a federated virtualized infrastructure

5G-Transformer defines three novel building blocks that will be developed and demonstrated integrating the aforementioned vertical industries:

(1) Vertical Slicer as the logical entry point (i.e., one stop shop) for verticals to support the creation of their respective transport slices in a short time-scale (in the order of minutes).
(2) Service Orchestrator to orchestrate the federation of transport networking and computing resources from multiple domains and manage their allocation to slices.
(3) Mobile Transport and Computing Platform as the underlying unified transport stratum for integrated fronthaul and backhaul networks.


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Josep Mangues
PI/Project Leader
José Núñez
Iñaki Estella
Jorge Baranda
Ramon Casellas
Ricardo Martínez
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