Weekly Seminar: “Applications of game theory to Age of Information of multi-agent systems”

26/04/2022 -


In this talk, we discuss the Age of Information as the performance metrics in different multi-agent scenarios, and by means of game theory, we explore how some recent results extend to the case of uncoordinated transmissions, which is especially relevant for modern access systems used for the Internet of Things. In particular, we can analyze the role of the update cost for driving the system toward a globally efficient solution, also highlighting some catchy topological results.


Leonardo Badia is Associate Professor at the University of Padova, Italy. He graduated from the University of Ferrara in 2000 (Msc) and 2004 (PhD) and joined the Faculty of the University of Padova in 2010. He authored more than 150 papers published in international scientific conferences or journals and he is active in the scientific community as a teacher, researcher, and reviewer. His main research interests are cross-layer optimization of communication scenarios, mathematical modeling of transmission protocols, and the application of game theory to wireless networks.

This seminar will  combine a “live” in-person with a “virtual” online

 This talk is open to whoever interested from the research community

Place: CTTC Auditorium (B4)