Think Tank #Vehicles 7YFN

28/11/2018 - 29/11/2018


CTTC, represented by Mr. Albert Sitjà and Dr. Mònica Navarro will attend the annual meeting  #Vehicles 7YFN (Stuttgart, November 27th to 28th) organized by AMETIC  in conjunction with the main actors of the European automotive, energy, telecommunications and financial services industries, with the aim of creating a space of trust that frames the debate, consolidates learning and develop shared scenarios.

#Vehicles 7YFN:

. Is a Group of influential leading stakeholders capable of determining the sector dynamics  in Europe.

. Is a private forum that fosters the generous sharing of the common realities from the different value chains related with the sustainable mobility, their diverse perspectives and future action plans.

. Deeply analyses future scenarios, key factors to maximise in order to achieve desired outcomes for its members and how to mitigate key probable risks.

. Converges in ongoing workgroups where synergistic relationships are established, starting  from common interests identified in the foreseen courses of action.