Mr. Albert Sitjà, speaker at BizBarcelona

31/05/2017 - 01/06/2017


Last May, 31st – June, 1st was held the event BIZBARCELONA. BIZBARCELONA invites entrepreneurs, SMEs and the social economy to transform their business activities and become more competitive in an increasingly dynamic and digitised environment. BIZBARCELONA tries to approach you the inspiration, information, advice, knowledge, contacts and solutions to create, transform and adapt your business projects to these new times.

In this framework, Mr. Albert Sitjà, CTTC’ s IPR and Corporate Development Director, made his speech as speaker on the subject “Supports for internationalising your technology” which revolved around the latest developments that will affect the strategic decisions that you must make to protect, transfer and internationalise your technology. This talk was organized by LES Asociación Expertos Transferencia Tecnología


Mr. Albert Sitjà