AMETIC Catalunya Council meeting



Last AMETIC Catalunya Council meeting was held on June, 15th, 2016 at CTTC facilities and was hosted by Mr. Albert Sitjà and Dr. Carles Antón.

AMETIC, the Association of Electronics, Information and Communications Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Content Companies, champions the interests of Spanish businesses in a hyper-sector that is varied, dynamic and, with 30% of private R&D investment, the Spanish economy’s most innovative sector with the highest growth capacity.  The constantly-evolving member companies are the key driving force for convergence towards the Digital Economy. AMETIC represents a key sector for employment and competitiveness, with a major impact on Spain’s GDP and excellent outsourcing possibilities for other production sectors. Its cross-cutting approach enables digitisation of business processes for both product generation and offer of services. AMETIC represents a group of companies that leverage sustainable economic development, improve the competitiveness of other sectors, generate quality employment, raise Spain’s export ratio and enhance the value of our country and its industry.