Mercè Carrasco | CTTC

Mercè Carrasco

Mercè has a postgraduate degree in management control from EADA, a degree in business administration and management from UOC and … Read More

Susana Molina | CTTC

Susana Molina

Susana Molina González. Born in Barcelona in 1983. Since 2006 she is part of the CTTC in the Financial Department. … Read More

Montserrat Prat | CTTC

Montserrat Prat

Montserrat Prat holds a degree in English Philology (2000) and a diploma in International Business (2004) from the University of … Read More

Mario Isaac | CTTC

Mario Isaac

Born in Montevideo, he studied a Jewellery course and he worked 30 years in a jewelry. Since 2008 he works … Read More

Marian Ramírez | CTTC

Marian Ramírez

Marian has a degree in Business Communication and later obtained a Msc in Project Management from La Salle, Universitat Ramon … Read More

Maria del Carmen Ciruela | CTTC

Mari Ciruela

Mª Carmen has been developed her professional career in the public sector (mainly in Research Institutes) and private companies in … Read More

Margarida Hesselbach | CTTC

Margarida Hesselbach

Margarida Hesselbach received a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and History and a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from … Read More

María del Carmen Domingo | CTTC

Mª del Carmen Dominguez

Mari Carmen Dóminguez Méndez, received her degree in ADMINISTRATIVE TECHNICIAN in (2000). Institut Camps Blancs, (Sant Boi). Currently part of … Read More

Laura Casaus

Laura Casaus. Born in Barcelona in 1974, she is a Secretary of the Direction Unit, and from July 2006 she … Read More