Margarida Hesselbach | CTTC

Margarida Hesselbach

Margarida Hesselbach received a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and History and a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from … Read More

María del Carmen Domingo | CTTC

Mª del Carmen Dominguez

Mari Carmen Dóminguez Méndez, received her degree in ADMINISTRATIVE TECHNICIAN in (2000). Institut Camps Blancs, (Sant Boi). Currently part of … Read More

Fiorella Anyosa | CTTC

Fiorella Anyosa

Fiorella Anyosa was born in Lima, Perú. She graduated with a Degree in Psychology, holding a Master in Business Administration … Read More

Laura Casaus

Laura Casaus. Born in Barcelona in 1974, she is a Secretary of the Direction Unit, and from July 2006 she … Read More

Jordi Escoda | CTTC

Jordi Escoda

Jordi Escoda-Ramon (Martorell, 1983) is currently a Head of ICT Management department at CTTC in Castelldefels. He received the MSc … Read More

Jonathan Muñoz

Jonathan Muñoz Vázquez (Esplugues de Llobregat, 1982) currently works at the IT Department (CSI) of the CTTC Support Area as … Read More

Daniela Ilea | CTTC

Daniela Ilea

Daniela Alexandra Ilea (Dana) is part of CTTC´s Project Management Department since March 2021. Graduated in Social Communication in Bucharest, … Read More

Cristina Lopez | CTTC

Cristina López

Cristina López Fernández, holds a degree (2004) in Administrative Technician and a degree in Marketing Management. Recently, she has completed … Read More

Cristina Iglesias | CTTC

Cristina Iglesias

Cristina Iglesias Palacios. She has been an Administrative Technique in 1988 at the Xabier Center in Portugalete (Bizkaia). She was … Read More