Hatim Chergui


Services as Networks (SaS)

Phd , Researcher (PO)

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

Ph.D. in Wireless Communications (2015), Telecom Expert (10+ years in the telco industry)

-> Education

PhD in Wireless Communications (Summa cum Laude),  IMT-Atlantique (Télécom-Bretagne) (in parallel to industry work), Brest, France (2012-2015)
Telecommunications Engineering DegreeInstitut National des Postes et Télécommunications (INPT), Rabat, Morocco (2007)

-> Professional Experience

Researcher, CTTC, (2019-Current):
– Advanced AI for B5G network slicing management, where I have developed a variety of novel deep and federated learning algorithms by leveraging solid mathematical analysis and statistical tools to allow low-complexity prediction and resource allocation, low-overhead, and 10x energy-efficient network slicing, which has led to high-quality publications in top-tier journals and conferences (e.g. IEEE JSAC, ICC).
– Research Projects: MonB5G, where I am involved through technical research, publications, deliverables, project workshop presentation and/or organization.
– Participation in proposals: 5GMediaHUB (H2020, granted), 6GDAWN (Spanish)

H2020 MonB5G Project Manager, CTTC, Spain (2020-Current).
Follow-up of WPs/tasks progress and action plans execution within deadlines and according to the GA, supervision of deliverables preparation, regular telcos management, periodical consortium meetings organization including agenda/minutes, project management deliverables preparation/submission, effort management, MonB5G representative in 5GPPP TB…

4G/3G Expert, Trainer, and Technical Coordinator of TD-LTE for B2B RFP, INWI Operator, Morocco (2012-2016 and 2018):
LTE commercial network initial design and launch, management of LTE testbeds/trials with Huawei and ALU in the city of Casablanca, U900 deployment and fine-tuning in highways, Redaction and evaluation of multi-vendor eNBs and OSS RFPs and RFIs (ALU, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN (Nokia), ZTE), in particular, 4G FDD/TDD RFPs and Small Cells RFI, Workshops and training sessions on 3G/4G for different departments/directions at INWI

3G CDMA/GSM Radio Network Planning and Optimization Team Leader, Huawei Technologies, Morocco (2009-2011):
Organizing CDMA RNP Team and schedule, Project templates, Radio Engineering Parameters databases management, Periodical meetings with Maroc Telecom operator, daily survey, deployment, as well as managing radio network fine-tuning and KPIs optimization while coordinating with backhaul, transport and Core network teams.

Graduate project under R&D contract 105 10005462.06/PI between INPT and Maroc Telecom operator, Morocco (2007):
Development of the Per Antenna Rate Control (PARC) HSDPA transmitter simulator mainly composed of Space-Time BICM and multi-code CDMA.

-> Patent
– C. Verykoukis, L. Christofi, F. Rezazadeh, H. Chergui, Continuous network slicing in a 5g cellular communications network via a delayed deep deterministic policy gradient, 2021.

-> Publications

11 Journal papers (published/accepted)
15 Conference papers (13 published/accepted, 2 submitted)
5GPPP White Paper: AI and ML –Enablers for Beyond 5G Networks
– Ph.D. Dissertation: Signal-Level Relaying Strategies for Broadband MIMO ARQ Communications
– Citations: Google Scholar

-> Awards/Distinctions

– Best Paper Award of the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)
– Best supervised Bachelor graduation project: T. El Moussaoui, and Y. D. El MalianiINPT engineering degree candidates, “Development and validation of a radio network planning and optimization platform for mobile networks”, March–June 2010.

-> Invited talks

– Panel Speaker, 1st Joint International Workshop on Network Programmability & Automation (NetPA), CNSM 2021.
– Talk at 5GPPP-TB Workshop on AI/ML for Networks (2020).
– Webinar on AI for B5G hosted by ODDNet Company (2020).
– 10 industry/academia trainings (up to 2 days per training) on 3G/4G and Wireless Communications at Huawei, INWI, and INPT (2008-2018).

-> Supervision/co-supervision

– 3 ongoing Ph.D. thesis (1 with INPT, Morocco, 2 with UPC/CTTC, Spain)
– 16 industry engineering graduation projects at both Huawei Technologies and INWI (2008-2015),

-> Editorship, Conference Chairing, TPC Memberships and Reviews

– Associate Editor: IEEE Networking Letters

– Workshops Co-chair: The 1st IEEE Workshop on Decentralized AI for Wireless Networks with Zero-Touch (in conjunction with IEEE ICC’2021), The 1st IEEE Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable B5G/6G Networks (in conjunction with IEEE Globecom’2021)
– Special Session Chair, IEEE MeditCom 2021
– TPC Member: UNET’2016, IEEE IWCMC 2019, ICC’2020, GC’2020, IEEE IWCMC’2020, ICC’2021, GC’2021, ICC’2022, GC’2022 (SAC MLC and WC)
– Session Chair: WCNC’2019

– Reviewer for Artech House, London, UK
– Review Editor: Frontiers in Communications and Networks
– Reviewer for top-tier IEEE journals and conferences:  Publons

-> Open Software Development:

Software implementation of generalized mathematical functions widely used by wireless communications, astrophysics, and economic research communities.

– Bivariate Meijer G-function (50+ paper citations) (H. Chergui, M. Benjillali, and S. Saoudi, “Performance Analysis of Project-and-Forward Relaying in Mixed MIMO-Pinhole and Rayleigh Dual-Hop Channel,” in IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 610-613, March 2016, doi: 10.1109/LCOMM.2016.2514348.)
– Multivariate Fox H-function for MATLAB/MEX (600+ views, 100+ downloads, 40+ paper citations)
– Multivariate Fox H-functions for GPU/MATLAB (500+ views, 90+ downloads, 40+ paper citations)


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